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Quick Card Access at a click of a button

Quick Card Access at a click of a button

That simple. Carry one, two, three, four, five or six cards. It doesn't matter. It's always easy to change their position while in the wallet.

Designed for your front and back pocket

Designed for your front and back pocket

A wallet made with the best materials human ingenuity has ever produced, combined in an elegant, yet affordable way.

Because amazing quality doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg.

RFID Blocking

RFID Blocking

Don't be afraid of walking around with your wallet in your pocket. With Craft Wallet, wireless theft is something of the past.

Leather Pocket (optional)

Leather Pocket (optional)

With the optional leather pocket, your Craft Wallet is ready to carry cards, notes, coins and everything you carried in your old wallet.

Money Clip (optional)

Money Clip (optional)

With the optional money clip you can carry your notes in style.

Minimal Design

Minimal Design

Design concentrated on the core strengths to reveal the simplistic beauty of a wallet made for a more focused life.

Lose the bulk

Lose the bulk

The Craft Wallet is able to carry what you need for your daily life. No need to walk around with a bulky wallet.

Have more respect for your pocket.

Built to last

Built to last

All our wallets have lifetime warranty. Why?

The new Craft Wallet is the result of 2 years of working with the best materials in the market. This wallet is ready to stand the test of time.

  • RFID blocking (wireless theft)

    Your Cards are safe inside a Craft Wallet. With us, RFID skimming is a thing of the past.

  • Holds 1 - 6 cards

    Are you a one card person or do you prefer to bring all your cards everytime you go out? Craft Wallet's up to the job.

  • Quality and strength

    Made with premium aerospace grade aluminum, thermally treated for peak strength (7075-T6)

  • Lifetime warranty

    Built to outlive you, the Craft Wallet was designed to survive any lifestyle and the surrounding environment.

  • Money Clip for notes and papers (optional)

    Sleek and minimalist. The money clip is the best option for those who want to carry more than cards and like to keep it simple.

  • Leather Pocket for coins, notes, cards and papers (optional)

    Made with genuine leather, the leather pocket allows you to carry more of everything with your Craft Wallet.

  • Slim profile eliminates wallet bulk

    Designed for your front and back pocket, Craft Wallet will make you forget your bulky wallet.

  • Genuine leather

    Genuine leather able to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. Most scratches or scrapes can be simply wiped away.

  • Lightweight

    40 grams (1.4 ounces) of awesomeness No need for more.

The team's message


How many cards can the Craft Wallet hold?

Craft Wallet's aluminum body can hold 1-6 cards. With the leather pocket add-on, the wallet can hold another 4 cards, raising the maximum number to 10.

Can the Craft Wallet carry coins?

Yes it can, but only with the leather pocket add-on.

Which models are available for purchase?

There are three models which come in different colors. The first model is the Craft Wallet without the money clip which comes in Silver and in Black. The second model is the Craft Wallet with the money clip which also comes in Silver and in Black. The third model is the Craft Wallet with the leather pocket. The leather pocket comes in Black, Brown, Camel, Dark Blue and Bordeaux.

How does the RFID block works?

Craft Wallet is entirely made of aluminum, which blocks RFID waves, thanks to its electromagnetic shielding properties.

Why lifetime warranty?

We believe in the everlasting quality of the product we built. The new Craft Wallet is the result of almost 2 years of working on the feedback we've been receiving regarding the first Craft Wallet. We're giving lifetime warranty because we know this is a product you can trust and if something happens to it, it'll be replaced automatically.

When do we expect all the wallets to be delivered?

Despite this being our second crowdfunding on Indiegogo, thus having experience in delivering a product, we know problems can happen along the way, making it hard to set a precise date for delivery. With this in mind, we expect to deliver all the wallets two months after the end of the campaign.

Are you a retailer?

Do you want to become an official Craft Wallet Reseller?

If yes, send us an email to and we'll get in touch as soon as possible.