What means being part of Craft Wallet's Community?

Craft Wallet was born from the tenacity of three founders that weren’t satisfied with what the market had to offer. They knew that if they wanted something, waiting for it to happen wasn’t an option. With this in mind, they built Craft Wallet, a minimal, yet versatile wallet, able to satisfy their needs. It's their world, their way.

Craft Wallet’s Community members feel the same way about their day to day life. They chose to buy a different wallet because the “normal” ones weren’t good enough and weren’t ready for their lifestyle. It’s their world, their way.

Despite the plethora of cultural and life backgrounds of the members of the Craft Wallet's Community, they all share the same trait: they do not settle for what has already been built/made and are not afraid of being different.

To own a Craft Wallet is to not being afraid of being ourselves. This is a brand for those who understand the need of living an exciting life, full of enriching experiences at home or abroad.

It's your World, your Way.