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Why Craft Wallet?

Posted by Craft Wallet on

The idea behind Craft Wallet appeared when one of the co-founders couldn't find a wallet with a minimal design, yet able to carry all he needed. All the other minimal wallets in the market had to compromise in capacity or usability to really stay minimal. Since the market had no solution for this problem, we decided to solve it by creating a new wallet, Craft Wallet.

After spending two years developing our wallet we have plenty of reasons for you to choose Craft Wallet over other wallet brands:


All our wallets are built to outlive you

We give lifetime warranty to all our wallets because we know what they're capable of enduring. They've been tested countless times and have survived being launched from buildings and thrown into a fire. Trust us when we say this wallet will outlive you. We designed it to do exactly that. If something happens to your wallet just tell us and we'll happily send you a new one. 

We own the factory where our products are made

All our products are designed and produced by us in our factory outside Lisbon, Portugal. This way, we're able to keep a tight control over the quality by owning the entire process, from grinding high-grade aluminum to directly shipping our products to your door. If you don't believe in what we're saying just visit us. The address is Avenida do NAQ Loja N00209 Lugar do Quintanilho 2660-421 São Julião do Tojal.

Our wallets are designed to be comfortable in your front and back pocket

Yep, it's up to you to choose in which pocket you want to carry your wallet. Say goodbye to that awful bulk that didn't let you use your wallet in your front pocket and made you take your wallet out of your back pocket everytime you had to sit.

Perfect size for your hand

Designing a wallet is easy. Designing an excellent wallet is not. A wallet is more than an object for you to carry cards, coins and notes. It's also something you carry everywhere, every single day. Your wallet has to reflect your lifestyle and it all starts with its size. At Craft Wallet, after spending years looking for the perfect dimensions, we believe we've achieved something special. Our wallets are small enough to feel comfortable in your pocket and still easy to use with just one hand.

Our wallets are made of the same material of aeroplanes and space shuttles are made of

We use the strongest aluminium alloy available in the market to make our products. Known as 7075-T6, it's used by the aerospace industry to strengthen aircraft structures. The alloy is subject to a thermal treatment to improve resistance. In the end, we get a material so strong we ended up giving lifetime warranty on all our wallets.

Quick Card Access at a click of a button

That simple. Carry one, two, three, four, five or six cards. It doesn't matter. It's always easy to change their position while in the wallet.


Not convinced? Give our wallet a try. If you don't like it we'll happily refund.