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Why another electrical board brand?

Despite new electrical board brands being launched every few months, none of them represents a significative leap in terms of technology and brand strategy.


The vast majority of electrical board brands focus on improving the speed and range of their products, yet, we’ve reached a stage where the best boards already have sufficient speed and range for our daily commute. It’s time to focus on aspects like how comfortable and safe our ride is, the ergonomy of the board and how does it connect with the devices that already surround us.

Electrical boards will never be considered a viable means of transportation while the constant danger of fall isn't eliminated. The biggest cause for falls is the blocking of wheels when the rider goes over a rock or a hole. With our patent-pending integrated suspension system, the problem is solved.

We're not only building one of the best performing electrical boards in the world. We're building the safest and most comfortable to ride. By the way, the board is customizable.



Last time we counted there were dozens of electrical board brands in the market, yet only one gets the majority of the attention: Boosted Board. The rest of the brands follow a me-too strategy of copying Boosted while selling an inferior product or sell a superior product and make the mistake of thinking that their product is good enough to sell by itself, lacking severely in branding and customer service. A good example of the latter are brands like EvolveInboard or Enertion.

At Hunter, what we intend to do is get the best of both worlds and build a company that sells a superior product, supported by an attractive lifestyle brand.

Movement is the centre of everything we do in our daily lives. We need to move in order to meet our friends or loved ones, grab something to eat or just watch the sunset at the pier. All aspects of our lives revolve about going from point A to point B. As the premium last mile-solution, at Hunter we make and sell the device that's in the centre of people's lives. This is the perfect opportunity to build an amazing lifestyle brand, with the board in its centre and, in the long term, an entire ecosystem of related products.


Specs Hunter Board Boosted Stealth Evolve CARBON GT SERIES (Street) M1 Inboard Enertion RAPTOR 2

Suspension system

Yes No No No No

Max Range

14 miles 31 miles 7 miles
Top Speed 24 mph 26 mph 22 mph
Removable battery Yes No No Yes No
Weight 7.71kg/17lbs 7.71kg/17lbs 6.5kg/14.5lbs
Hill Climbing 25% 25%
Power 4,000 Watts 2,100 Watts 3,000 Watts
Braking Regenerative Brakes Regenerative Brakes Regenerative Brakes
Deck Super Flex Composite Deck Lightweight wood-core composite
Wheels Boosted Stratus 85mm 80mm
Trucks 190mm CNC Precision Machined
Remote Ergonomic Bluetooth® Remote
Dimensions 11.3 in (W), 38.0 in (L), 5.7 in (H)


iOS and Android™ iOS and Android™
Ride Modes 5 Ride Modes 4 Ride Modes 3 Ride Modes
Personalization Yes No No No No
Charging time 1 hr 45 min 4-5 hr 1 hr 30 min